Memphis Cop Caught On Video Kicking Black Suspect After He Surrenders (Video)


A TV news crew was doing a story at an apartment complex in Memphis, Tennessee, when they happened to film a police officer chasing down a shirtless black male suspect on Feb. 11. After the black man surrendered on the ground, the cop hit him with a nightstick and kicked him (video below).

According to Local Memphis, the police were called to the scene about a domestic violence incident in which the suspect allegedly hit a woman and child.

The officer is later seen on video pulling the suspect off the ground by his handcuffs, and kicking the suspect into a squad car.

"There's obviously some abuse going on here, excessive force," Democratic Tennessee Rep. G.A. Hardaway told the news station. "When I'm looking at a young man that's on the ground and supporting himself with one arm laying down, that's not a position where he's a threat to anybody standing."

"That's unacceptable, completely unacceptable," Hardaway added. "It unravels every bit of goodwill that has been rolled out. Any child that sees that is going to be imprinted with it for a lifetime. Any adult is going to be imprinted with it. They're going to teach their children that this is what the police do."

The Memphis Police Department refused to comment on the video, but said that an internal investigation has been launched.

"They were rough because he has already had indications that he does not want to comply with authority, so until he is in custody he is going to be treated as such," Memphis Police Association president Mike Williams told the news station.

Sources: Local Memphis (2) / Photo credit: Local Memphis via YouTube

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