Memphis Car Repo Man Accidentally Takes Sleeping 4-Year-Old


A repo man in Memphis, Tennessee wound up with a 4-year-old boy along with a Toyota Corrolla.

Kevin Brown was asleep in the back of a car when his grandmother, Ruth Brown, went into the house to put some things away. When she came back out, the car, and Kevin, were gone.

“I was thinking someone stole the car with my child back there, I was so scared,” Brown told WREG.

About half an hour later, Kevin was located at Cooper and Son Auto Sales, Inc., located seven miles from the family’s home.

The repo man never realized Kevin was in the car.

Kevin’s mother, Jerrica Leverson, rushed over to reclaim her son.

“He’s alright. He’s on the inside. We gave him some candy to calm down,” Leverson said.

“They should’ve checked the car, and when you saw the child in the car, come bring him to the door, let him come in and let him know you’re fixin’ to pull the car,” she added.

Ruth Brown agreed that the repo man should have alerted the family.

“Ain’t nobody said nothing, and everybody was here,” Brown said.

A manager from the auto shop said that the repo man was simply following procedure.

“When they have a repo, they go in, they have the keys, they get the car and drive off. That’s all there is,” said Sam Young, manager of Cooper and Son Auto Sales.

While the story has raised some eyebrows, Ruth Brown insists she did nothing wrong and only left Kevin in the car for five minutes while she was carrying her groceries, and that her daughter’s boyfriend was standing by.

“The car was right here, all the way up. So what is the problem? He wasn’t in any endangerment. Her boyfriend was standing right there,” said Brown.

So far no charges have been pressed related to the incident, and the Department of Children Services has not been contacted, WREG reports.

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