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Melissa Townsend Calls 911, Asks Police to Scare her Children (Video)

Melissa Townsend, a mom in Indian Harbour Beach, Florida, recently called 911 and asked them to send police officers to her house to scare her kids, ages 1 and 3, into respecting authority (video below).

"I need a police officer to come out and scare the sh*t out of my kids," Townsend said on the 911 call. "They're not listening to me and they need to learn respect. They need to learn that lesson," reports WKMG-TV.

"We don't come out and scare kids," the 911 dispatcher said.

However, police did go out to Townsend's home and found her drunk, officials said.

Police said when they tried to arrest Townsend, she kicked an officer in the groin multiple times.

Townsend was booked into the Brevard County Jail on several charges, including child neglect (for being drunk in her home) and battery on a law enforcement officer.

Her children are staying with relatives, police said.

Source: WKMG-TV


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