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Melissa Lawrence Throws Rocks, Orders Dogs to Attack News Crew (Video)

Melissa Lawrence threw rocks, wielded a baseball bat and commanded her dogs to attack an ABC6 news crew in Providence, Rhode Island on Tuesday (video below).

The news crew was legally standing on a public sidewalk, trying to ask Lawrence how she felt about an alleged shooter turning himself into police after reportedly killing her daughter.

That's when Lawrence went ballistic.

ABC6 news reporter Abbey Niezgoda was bitten by the dogs, while cameraman Mark Jackson was struck by a rock. No one was injured with the baseball bat.

Lawrence was charged with two counts of felony assault and released on a $50,000 bail, but could face more charges.

When Animal Control officers went to her home, they could not find her dogs. If Lawrence was hiding the dogs, that would mean more criminal charges.

Source: ABC6


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