Melissa Bowerman, Daughter-in-Law of Nike Co-Founder, Fired for Escorting Dateless 17 Year Old to Prom

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The daughter-in-law of sporting goods magnate Bill Bowerman has been canned from her volunteer position coaching track at a high school in Eastern Oregon. Her crime: escorting a teenage student to the Senior Prom.

The 41-year-old Melissa Bowerman served her community by coaching track and field at Condon/Wheeler High School for years. After attending the school prom with one of her dateless athletes, she received a phone call from the school district informing her of her dismissal.

Bowerman was astonished by the school’s response. She insists that there was nothing inappropriate about her relationship with her 17-year-old date, and that they only danced to a handful of slow songs during the course of the prom. The rest of the time she spent playing ping pong and foosball. She says she decided to escort her student to the dance because he had no date and she felt badly for him.

The boy’s father apparently granted Melissa Bowerman permission to attend prom with his son beforehand.

What do you think? Was this a fair response or did the school district overreact?

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