Melbourne Man Confesses to Killing His Two Young Daughters For Revenge Against Ex-Wife


In a gruesome act, a Melbourne man confessed to smothering his two young daughters with a pillow as a ploy to seek revenge against his ex-wife.

Savannah and Indianna Mihayo, ages 3 and 4, were given brand new ballerina dresses to wear as their father, Charles Amon Mihayo, 36, video taped them singing and dancing to “Let it Go,” from the Disney blockbuster “Frozen.” It is unclear if any cruel irony was intended based on the song of choice.

Shortly after the video ended, Charles Mihayo allegedly smothered Savannah and Indianna with a pillow. In his Victorian Supreme Court hearing, Charles Mihayo pleaded guilty to the vicious act, claiming that while it was not premeditated, it still occurred.

According to, Charles Mihayo had recently conducted a Google search, “ways to kills my ex-wife.” Mihayo claimed that his ex-wife had moved on to a new lover and that there were visitation issues with his two daughters.

The trial is still progressing.

Source: NY Daily News

Photo Source: Victoria Police/AAP,


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