Melania Trump's Handwriting Reveals This About Her (Photos)


​First Lady Melania Trump is closely guarded when it comes to sharing details about herself, making it difficult at times for the public to gauge her personality traits. But according to one handwriting expert, the way that she moves her pen provides a lot of insight into what she is really like deep down.

Penmanship analyst Sheila Kurtz took a look at a note that Melania left at a children's hospital in Italy and shared her findings with the Daily Mail.

The note reads, "Great visiting you! Stay strong and positive. Much love, Melania."

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Kuntz noted that Mrs. Trump starts and ends a number of her letters with "little grasping hooks," while each letter is "precise" and accompanied by dots that are "all very exact."

But what does this all mean?

"She likes to collect and to own things, both material and immaterial," the graphologist told the Daily Mail of the initial hooks, while the ending ones point to "tenacity." 

"She is tenacious about holding on to whatever she acquires," the expert added.

Meanwhile, the precise way in which Mrs. Trump writes shows that "she is a good listener, direct, quite loyal, with good self control even when she is impatient."

Kuntz made some startling observations when she glanced at Melania's signature, which she said "is stylized and practiced, like a logo" and noted that it bears a striking resemblance to the "verticality" of President Donald Trump's.

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"But it is tight and cramped and lacks any sign of generosity of spirit," Kuntz added. "We also see signs of self-deceit. She shows signs of intuition, which she may not trust and seldom uses. Her signature is half the size of [her husband's.]"

The handwriting analyst then moved onto examine Mr. Trump's note, which read, "It is a great honor to be here with all of my friends -- so amazing & will never forget!"

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Kuntz said that the president's "skyscraper tall" and "stylized" signature indicates "extreme vanity" and suggests that he "inflates" his own ego and has "unlimited stubbornness."

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"The fierce shapes of his signature are meant to be overpowering and intimidating," Kuntz explained. "Its behemoth size dwarfs any and all of the signatures on the Declaration of Independence and of any previous American president."

Mr. Trump's signature has long been a subject of study for handwriting analysts due to its one-of-a-kind nature, graphologist Kathi McKnight told Us Weekly.

"The razor sharp writing, full of points and wedges, reveals someone whose mind is extremely analytical," McKnight explained to Us Weekly, adding that the lack of space between his first and last name suggests that family is very important to him.

Kuntz told the Daily Mail that the president's printing resembles a ransom note and suggests that he doesn't like people to get close to him. He is also an independent, analytical thinker who is loyal, determined, intuitive and open, she said.

Sources: Daily Mail, Us Weekly / Photo credit: U.S. Department of State/Flickr, Ufficio stampa/REX/Shutterstock and AFP/Getty Images via Daily Mail

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