Melania Trump Statue Raises Eyebrows (Photos)

A statue of Melania Trump has captured international attention for how little it reportedly resembles the first lady.

Bosnian sculptor, Stevo Selak, says he went to great lengths to sculpt the statue, even enlisting the help of hair stylists to make it look real, reports The Mirror.

Selak says locals have praised his statue's likeness to the 47-year-old first lady.

"I did Melania in her [measurements] 90-60-90," he said. "People say I really got her characteristics with this sculpture."

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However, he did acknowledge there were some style differences between the statue and the actual first lady.

"Real-life Melania is elegant, while my sculpture of gypsum and iron weighs around 300 kilograms," he joked.

Selak also sculpted a statue of President Donald Trump with Russian President Vladimir Putin. He says he that one much easier to create.

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"It is also more demanding to make a monument of Melania than Donald or other men, because women have more curves," Selak explained.

Yet, while Selak is convinced his statue looks like Melania, others beg to differ.

"That is the worst statue," wrote one AOL News reader. "I don't know how he can say it is her. It doesn't even look like her."

Some thought the piece reflected Melania in a different way.

"It's art!," said another. "The artist has created the true essence of their being. Fake like paper mache?!?"

One person even accused the sculptor of purposefully creating a bad statue to insult Trump.

"Sculpting is a bit more difficult than painting a portrait, but the artist should be a little more critical of their own work, as to think they are ready to display on such a big scale!!!," wrote one user. "I just think this guy hates the Trump family!!"

Other Trump supporters also agreed with the sentiment, but took issue with the statue's critics rather than its sculptor.

"Whether the likeness is a good one or not......If someone erected a statue of Michelle Obama, you libs would be wetting your pants," opined one user. "I live in ultra-liberal Seattle where we have a huge 18 foot bronze statue of Lenin, hero of the Communists, believe it or not. Yes, Lenin, who starved peasants and led mass executions. But that's okay in Seattle.  If someone raised a Confederate flag here you'd be run out of town. Such hypocrisy. "

Still others felt the statue's likeness, or lack of it, to the first lady had nothing to do with politics.

"Whether you are a Republican, Democrat or other, the statue doesn't look like her at all, before or after her surgeries," wrote one user on AOL's Facebook post about the statue.

Sources: The Mirror, AOL NewsAOL/Facebook / Photo Credit: Marc Nozell/Wikimedia Commons; Reuters, Stevo Selak via Daily Mail

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