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Melania Trump Decorates White House Wearing A Jacket (Photos)

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Photos of first lady Melania Trump decorating the White House in preparation for Christmas have sparked debate among social media users.

Melania Trump took to Twitter to share four photos of her afternoon decorating at the White House, the Daily Mail reported.

"Preparations are underway to celebrate the holidays at the [White House]!" the first lady wrote as the caption.

The White House received the official Christmas tree on Nov. 20. Melania Trump and her 11-year-old son, Barron Trump, were present at the time. Now it appears the first lady has begun the all-important task of decorating the tree.

Melania Trump was photographed standing beside two pastry chefs as they admired the traditional gingerbread White House. She is then seen closer to the gingerbread house, attaching a tiny wreath to it that appears to be made of icing.

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In another photo, the first lady is putting the finishing touches on a real wreath by attaching a red bow. In the final photo, Melania Trump is seen decorating the Christmas tree.

The photos are believed to have been taken over the course of several days. Melania Trump is seen in two different outfits. One outfit included a red turtleneck, black pants and black heels. In the other photos, she is wearing a beige dress.

But social media users noticed one thing the two outfits had in common.

Melania Trump appeared to have a jacket draped over her shoulders in three of the photos, which left some social media users questioning why she would wear outerwear indoors while decorating for Christmas.

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"They can't afford heat at the White House?" one user questioned. "How the heck can you move with a heavy coat draped over your shoulders? You can't even extend your arms (to decorate) without the coat falling off…"

"When putting decorations on Christmas tree I often feel the need to casually drape a cashmere coat over my shoulders, said no one ever," joke one Twitter user.

"[It's] cold, also sometimes navigating the [White House] requires walking outside depending on what is going on," responded another commenter.

"So why doesn't she ever actually wear her coats, do her arms not fit in the sleeves? She looks silly and vain to me," another user added.

Other users jumped to the first lady's defense.

"Hating on a woman because she has a coat draped over her shoulders while hanging decorations," wrote one user. "You people must have really sad, miserable lives."

"Lovely First Lady but no matter what she does she gets picked to bits," wrote another. "It used to be that no matter which President was in Office there was a respect especially for the First family ... shame to see what it has become."

Sources: Daily Mail, Melania Trump/Twitter, Twitter / Featured Image: U.S. Department of State/Flickr / Embedded Image: Melania Trump/Twitter

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