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Melania Trump's Outfit During Speech Stirs Controversy (Photo)

President Donald Trump's speech to Congress on Feb. 28 was unusually conventional, without the inflammatory rhetoric that has defined his presidency so far.

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Melania Trump's outfit, however, was not so conventional, reports Stock News USA. The first lady wore a black suit with glittering sequins, which is reportedly the first time in history that a first lady has worn sequins to such an event.

According to Women's Wear Daily, the ensemble was designed by Michael Kors, and cost about $10,000.

Her apparel was widely criticized on social media, with some comparing the look to the gaudy style made famous by Joan Collins on the television show "Dynasty." She looked like she was going to a New Year's Eve party, some said.

Ivanka Trump also caused controversy with her pink outfit, a $3,000 cocktail dress designed by Roland Mouret Rawlings.

In contrast, the president, Vice President Mike Pence, and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan all dressed conservatively, opting for navy suits with white shirts blue ties.

While the audience found plenty to criticize about Melania's and Ivanka's choice of clothes, the president's speech was well-received by the public at large, reports CBS News.

Although more Republicans viewed the speech than did Democrats, 40 percent of those Democrats who did view at least somewhat approved, and 18 percent strongly approved, according to a poll conducted immediately after the president's address.

Trump's stated plans to build roads and bridges was the issue most popular with Democrats, although they remain skeptical overall about his plans moving forward, with only one-quarter being optimistic.

Steve Beshear, former governor of Kentucky, delivered the official Democratic rebuttal to Trump's speech:

Mr. President, as a candidate, you promised to be a champion for families struggling to make ends meet, and I hope you live up to that promise. But one of your very first executive orders makes it harder for those families to even afford a mortgage. Then you started rolling back rules that provide oversight of the financial industry and safeguard us against another national economic meltdown. And you picked a cabinet of billionaires and Wall Street insiders who want to eviscerate the protections that most Americans count on and that help level the playing field. That’s not being our champion. That's being Wall Street's champion.

Beshear also accused Trump and his fellow Republicans of planning to "rip affordable health insurance away from millions of Americans who most need it," as quoted in the transcript published by The New York Times.

Sources: Stock News USA, Women's Wear Daily, CBS News, The New York Times / Photo credit: The White House via Wikimedia Commons

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