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Melania Criticized For Wearing Sunglasses At Night (Photos)

Melania Criticized For Wearing Sunglasses At Night (Photos) Promo Image

Melania Trump has been heavily criticized for what she wears when visiting disaster-affected areas.

Most recently, the first lady was taken to task for wearing sunglasses at night, reports the Daily Mail.

She was sporting the dark shades as she arrived back at the White House from Las Vegas, where she and President Donald Trump visited with survivors of the mass shooting there.

The massacre, which President Trump called an "act of pure evil," occurred on Oct. 1 when a gunman opened fire on concertgoers at the Route 91 Harvest Festival, a three-day country music event.

The lone gunman killed at least 59 people and injured 527 others, The New York Times reports.

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Police say Stephen Paddock, 64, started firing down on the concertgoers from his hotel room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

Upon the Trumps' return from Vegas, several critics on social media used Melania's eyewear as an excuse to express their dislike of her husband.

"I wonder if Melania Trump wears big sunglasses in public so no one can see her rolling her eyes at the B.S. her hubby says," tweeted one person, according to Mashable.

Another asked: "Why was Melania wearing sunglasses at night? Rolling her eyes at the a**hole she's with?" according to Hollywood Life.

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A third continued the same theme: "So do we think Melania wears the big sunglasses so she can hide an eye roll?"

One person addressed the first lady directly: "Melania; Take those sunglasses off. Are you afraid that your body language will betray your disgust?"

Others noted that her sunglasses and attire show a lack of compassion for the victims she has visited, according to the Daily Mail. As one Twitter user put it: "I'm making a public plea to Melania Trump: stop with the sunglasses (and the heels at disaster areas)."

"Maybe Melania could try taking her sunglasses off when look at people who have suffered the unimaginable," tweeted another, according to Hollywood Life. "Wearing mirrored sunglasses in PR and not looking a person in the eye??"

Another chimed in: "With all the suffering people in the world, PLEASE Melania Trump take off your frigging sunglasses and look them in the eye," the Daily Mail reports.

Prior to visiting Las Vegas, Melania did a tour of Puerto Rico, which was devastated after Hurricane Maria smashed into the U.S. territory on Sept. 20 as a Category 4 hurricane.

"Melania Trump can't even look [Puerto Rico] victims in the eye," tweeted someone during the first lady's trip to survey the damage. "Wears massive sunglasses & baseball cap, stands at distance when shaking hands."

Prior to Puerto Rico, social media users called out Melania for wearing stilettos during her two visits to hurricane-stricken Texas.

"And here we have Melania Trump modeling what NOT to wear to a hurricane: 5-inch stilettos," tweeted one critic. "How out of touch can you be?'

Another wrote: "I wouldn't normally comment on Melania's shoes but I'm not sure if this is what you wear to go meet ppl who've lost all of their belongings."

"Melania in heels again," said another. "Does she know it's flood week and not fashion week in TX? Maybe she'll emerge in her white sneakers again?"

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