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Former Spice Girl Gets Restraining Order For Husband

Mel B, a former member of the girl pop group the Spice Girls, who filed for divorce from her producer husband in March, has revealed that she also sought, and was granted, a restraining order from her estranged husband, Stephen Belafonte.

In the papers filed on April 3, Mel B makes a number of disturbing claims against Belafonte, as well as providing evidence of a history of violence enacted on her by her estranged husband. She alleges Belafonte was routinely physically violent, attempted to kill her through negligence at least once, and forced the former singer and mother of three to participate in sexual intercourse against her will.

The two were married in June 2007. Although the relationship between the two celebrities started out strong, there were disputes early, and Mel's parents worried about Belafonte's troubled past. In 2011, the two had a child together.

In 2014, she appeared on the U.K. version of singing competition show "The X Factor" with bruises and scratches, reports The Telegraph. Belafonte took to Twitter to deny speculation that he hit Mel, but Mel's family began to reveal what they said was Belafonte's controlling, abusive behavior.

The two attempted to repair their relationship, but following Mel's father's death, Mel filed for divorce from Belafonte during a reported moment of clarity. Since March, Mel has become more candid about the alleged abuse by Belafonte.

The former Spice Girl said that during her marriage, Belafonte hit her multiple times, dating back to their first year of marriage. Additionally, during the course of their relationship, Belafonte allegedly forced Mel to have threesomes with various strangers and other women.

She claims Belafonte secretly recorded her and threatened to release the sex tapes if she attempted to try to turn down the threesomes. There's also an allegation that Belafonte had intercourse with the family's nanny and got her pregnant.

Belafonte reportedly first suggested the three could live together as a sort of family, but when both women refused to the arrangement, Belafonte allegedly paid the nanny $300,000 for an abortion.

Even more shocking was the claim that Belafonte tried to kill Mel through negligence in 2014 after the singer overdosed on a bottle of aspirin. Belafonte allegedly stopped Mel from calling an ambulance, locked her in the bedroom, and "told her to 'die b****,'" according to Daily Mail.

Belafonte denies all of these claims. The court, when shown all of the evidence presented by Mel, approved the restraining order.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Telegraph / Photo credit: Eva Rinaldi/Flickr

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