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Shocker! Fox News Ignores GOP Ken Mehlman Gay Story

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By Aaron McQuade

Progressive blog Think Progress analyzed the broadcasts of the three major cable news networks since former RNC head Ken Mehlman revealed that he’s gay and will be a strong advocate for marriage equality.  According to Think Progress, CNN mentioned “Mehlman” 19 times. MSNBC mentioned him 12 times. Fox News, however, did not discuss the issue at all.

Blogger Igor Volsky writes that searches for the words “gay” and “Ken” produced similar non-results within Fox’s on-air content. A search on the network’s website does turn up three results, two of which are AP stories. The third is an editorial from anti-gay former Ohio Secretary of State (and failed candidate for RNC chair) Ken Blackwell, which warns Republicans not to listen to Mehlman, and advises the GOP to oppose marriage for gay and lesbian couples.


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