Megyn Kelly's NBC Show Lags Behind In Ratings

Megyn Kelly's NBC Show Lags Behind In Ratings Promo Image

Journalist Megyn Kelly's news show on NBC has recorded its lowest ratings since its debut in June.

Kelly was hired by NBC to host "Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly," a show where the journalist has interviewed guests like Russian President Vladimir Putin and controversial Infowars host Alex Jones, but the show doesn't seem to be drawing in high ratings according to Nielsen Research, reports The Hill.

"Sunday Night" reportedly pulled in 3.1 million viewers, in comparison to its 6.2 million viewership on its June 4 debut. The program was beaten in the ratings by a repeat episode of "60 Minutes" on CBS and ABC's "America's Funniest Home Videos."

NBC is reported to be paying Kelly a $17 million salary after it hired her from her former position at Fox News.

"She’s probably not bringing many of her Fox News fans to her NBC gig," wrote The Daily Caller Deputy Editor Scott Greer, according to Salon. "The only people who vividly remember her Trump opposition are Trump supporters, and they haven't forgiven her."

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The anonymous blogger who writes the website Ace of Spades also criticized Kelly, calling her "MeAgain Kelly" in a post that implied she betrayed conservatives during the election.

"You know, Benedict Arnold expected to be treated like a hero by the British he gave West Point to," wrote the critic. "Instead, he lived miserably thereafter, shunned by the people he expected to embrace him."

"No one ever really trusts a turncoat. Even the people the turncoat turns coat to be amongst," the blogger continued. "The hell with MeAgain Kelly and her 'Megyn Moments.' In five years she'll be hawking the Megyn Kelly Jewelry Extravaganza on QVC."

Conservative radio host Wayne Allyn Root gave a strange explanation for why he thought Kelly's show was lagging in the ratings, saying that liberal men "are all gay."

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Root said Kelly "has no support" outside of Fox, Death and Taxes reports.

"You had the hottest show in the country, my friend, and what did you do? You spit in our face. Now you’re done ... we're never going to give you the time of day, Megyn Kelly," said the radio host on his show. "Who's left? Liberal women won’t like you because you’re coming from Fox News and liberal men, well, they're all gay or they don’t appreciate pretty women."

At the end of the summer, "Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly" will go on hiatus to be replaced with "Sunday Night Football," but will return after the Winter Olympics.

In the meantime, Kelly will start a daily show in September, appearing in the third hour of NBC's "Today Show."

"She's one of the most talented and hardest-working producers in television news," NBC News President Noah Oppenheim is reported to have said in an email. "Her intimate knowledge of the brand will be invaluable as we launch Megyn's show under the Today umbrella."

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