Report: Ailes May Have Sexually Harassed Megyn Kelly


Prominent Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly has reportedly told investigators hired by the company's owners, the Murdoch family, that Fox News CEO Roger Ailes sexually harassed her in the past.

Two sources who have been briefed on parent company 21st Century Fox's external probe of Ailes told investigators that Ailes had made unwanted sexual advances toward Kelly roughly a decade ago when she was a young correspondent at Fox News, New York magazine reports.

A group of prominent women on Fox News had previously defended Ailes publicly against allegations that he had sexually assaulted Gretchen Carlson. Carlson has filed a lawsuit against Ailes.

Kelly, the network's biggest star, had been curiously silent during the media frenzy.

New York also reported that Kelly's statements to investigators are the latest in a campaign by the Murdochs to oust Ailes from his leadership position at Fox News, according to several of New York's sources.

On July 18, 21st Century Fox lawyers reportedly sent Ailes a deadline of Aug. 1 for his resignation, or he faces being fired for cause.

Ailes' legal team has yet to respond to the offer, and Ailes has taken to the airwaves and the press to attack Kelly.  Roughly 12 women at Fox News have publicly praised Ailes' since Carlson's lawsuit was filed, and Carlson's former 2 p.m. time slot is now held by Kimberly Guilfoyle, who is pro-Ailes.

Another interesting detail from the case is that Ailes has reportedly "received advice on strategy from [Republican candidate] Donald Trump and [former New York Mayor] Rudy Giuliani" on the matter.

Lawyers from the New York-based firm Paul, Weiss are reportedly interviewing other employees at Fox who have stories about being harassed but have not said anything because of settlement agreements signed with Ailes' attorney, according to New York.

Sources: New York, RawStory / Photo credit: Donald J. Trump/Instagram

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