Megyn Kelly Asks Meteorologist Janice Dean: ‘You and I Are Having Another Night in Bed Together?’ (Video)


As Fox News senior meteorologist Janice Dean reported on winter storm Hercules Thursday night, host Megyn Kelly asked her a surprising and revealing question.

Dean said the storm effectively shut down the New York area.

“So if they’re cancelling the train, does that mean you and I are having another night in bed together?” Kelly asked.

“Oh my goodness,” Dean replied.

“It’s a long story,” Kelly laughed.

“I have no words,” Dean said, “except that we’re gonna be on Youtube in a few minutes.”

During Hurricane Sandy the two anchors shared a hotel room together so there would be enough rooms for all the staff.

“I’m happy to say you’re the only female I’ve ever shared a bed with,” Dean announced.

“Thank you for sharing and oversharing,” Kelly told her, adding, “We’re godmothers to each other’s children. It’s not like that.”

In the meantime, Todd Starnes can be seen on the lower right, covered in snow, waiting patiently in the storm to give his report.

Sources: Mediaite, BizPac Review


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