Meet The Man Having Affair With Wife Of Larry King


Rumors are swirling that the wife of TV legend Larry King is having an affair with a public speaking coach who worked with Naomi Campbell and Princess Diana.

Shawn King, according to reports, has been sending nude photos and sexually explicit texts to public speaking guru Richard Greene. The revelation of Greene’s identity came after it was reported that Shawn was engaging in “steamy afternoon sex sessions” with an unidentified man, the Daily Mail reported.

An inside source, who is allegedly a friend of Larry, told Page Six that the 82-year-old was shocked by the news.

“He’s heartbroken,” the source said. “He’s embarrassed and furious.”

The friend said that Larry has not decided whether or not to file for divorce.

“All options are being considered,” the source said. “Nothing has been ruled out.”

In one of the texts that Shawn allegedly sent to her lover, she referenced her husband potentially having knowledge of what was going on.

“Larry made another joke about me having an affair last night … He said I looked cute in my glasses like a school teacher ... having an affair with one of my students,” she allegedly wrote. “He senses a shift in me.”

In the alleged text conversation, Shawn also mentioned leaving her husband because of problems in their marriage.

“I would leave Larry because he killed our romance years ago, and my boys [Chance and Cannon] didn't do anything to deserve to be raised by a [redacted] who indulges them at every turn,” she reportedly wrote.

The friend also acknowledged that the couple was experiencing marital problems.

“He’s 82 years old, he’s survived cancer twice, heart surgery, and he’s diabetic,” the source reportedly said. “When this came out last week, some of us were actually happy, hoping this will finally mean that he can live his life in some sort of peace, should they decide to divorce.”

Sources: Daily Mail, Page Six / Photo credit: Film Magic via Daily Mail

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