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Meet Raymond Hull: Convicted Drug Dealer With 22 Kids Has Mooched Almost $2 Million In Benefits

Studies show that the overwhelming majority of public benefit recipients truly need the assistance they receive and use it for it’s intended purposes. But, like anything else in life, there are exceptions.

Raymond Hull is one of these exceptions. He abuses his country’s public benefit system in order to live a relaxed, work-free life.

Hull, 52 years old, has over 32 convictions to his name. Amazingly, he has almost as many children as convictions. The convicted drug dealer has fathered at least 22 kids in his life. He also hasn’t worked a single day in the last 10 years.

It’s easy to see where this is going. If you’ve been jobless for a decade and have 22 kids, how are you providing for your children (and yourself)? Public benefits.

According to the Mirror, Hull and his family may very well have claimed almost $2 million in welfare benefits to date. Benefits claimed include housing benefits, child benefits for all 22 of his kids, job seakers allowance, incapacity benefits, and child benefits for all 11 of his children’s mothers.

“I just love kids,” Hull said. “I’m the best dad in the world. People might have a pop at me, but I love my kids.”

But despite all of his free time and public assistance, Hull is still failing to raise his kids. Many of them are following in their father’s footsteps with slews of criminal offenses on record.

One of his sons kicked a baby sitter to death as a teenager. Three others have been jailed for robbery, violence, drug dealing, or witness intimidation. One of his daughters has a history of drunken violence. His oldest son was jailed for witness intimidation and throwing a bottle at a man. His 15-year-old son was jailed for stabbing a man seven times in an alley. The list goes on.

His kids don’t work either. They openly boast of living a leisurely lifestyle on the taxpayer’s dime. Here is a recent post from one of his daughter’s on Facebook thanking taxpayers for funding her lifestyle.

“Jst gta announce that i love every working person in cumbria cz fanx to uze i get to sit on my jeer all day nd help use spend yr wagez ! Yaz no hw t spend it wisely ya jenerous f***z xxxxx.”

Yet in spite all of this, Hull was recently spared jail time by a judge. Despite being convicted -- once again -- of drug dealing, a judge delayed his meager 18-month prison sentence after ruling that he needed to remain free in order to spend time with his kids. Yes, the same kids he has raised to be criminals and moochers just like himself.

Don’t expect Hull to get a job anytime soon, either. His recent back problems insure him several additional years of incapacity income support. His reason for the back pain?

“It must be from running around after all these kids all these years."

Sources: Mirror, Daily Mail


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