How One NYC Homeless Man Gets By: Picking Up Women (Video)


Get ready to meet the most interesting (and infuriating) character you’ll come across all day. His name is Joe, and he’s a 26-year-old homeless man living in New York City.

If you passed Joe on the street you wouldn’t look twice. When he’s not panhandling, which he earns about $150 a day doing, he looks like any other New Yorker walking around. He boasts that he’s got about four good outfits to wear, and he’s mastered the art (?) of stealing a dab of hair gel or a quick shot of body spray inside a convenience store to keep his appearance fresh.

Despite being homeless, Joe says he only spends a few nights a week sleeping on the streets. The rest of the time he sleeps in the apartments of women he picks up at night. Seriously. When Joe has a little money, he runs up to the liquor store and buys the cheapest booze he can get. He downs it, and spends the night sparking small talk with women he spots walking around the city nightlife scene. His charm earns him a house to sleep in several times per week.

Would Joe recommend his lifestyle to anyone else? Absolutely not.

“Never become like me. Ever,” he says. “If you look around you at the f**king hundreds of thousands of homeless people in New York City, I’m the only one that can really pull this sh*t off.”

Check out this Elite Daily video to see Joe’s whole story:


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