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Medical Marijuana Vending Truck Spotted at LA Lakers Parade

A couple of years ago, Los Angeles gave birth to the idea of the high-end food truck. Now, it could start a new vending truck trend -- medical marijuana.

Accorrding to a report on the Los Angeles Times' website, a truck emblazed with the phrase "" was spotted at the celebration of the Los Angeles Lakers' championship celebration on Monday.

People approaching the truck were asked if they had a prescription card allowing them to purchase medical marijuana. If they did, they were handed a free lollipop.

The New York Daily News said the lollipops didn't require a prescription -- they didn't contain THC, the chemical that causes the marijuana.

The truck's owner, Bilal Muhammad, said he was recently forced to shut down his store in West Hollywood and had decided to take his business on the road.

"It's been working out very well," he said of business, before driving after spotting police in the distance.


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