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Medical Marijuana Recommendations - and a patient's LONG history of smoking pot...Hmmm

I am disgusted at our State Government for allowing the use of medical marijana for "healthy individuals" with a drug problem. When will there be a more strict guideline to the pot smokers? They can ingest around our children, drive while impaired, now legally possess, grow and transport?  Wow - what is this world coming to. 

To not have set guidelines or verify a person's history prior to issuing a "recommendation" from a licensed physician, is just ridiculous.  I completely understand and agree with true patients, cancer, anorexic, aids, you know - a serious medical condition.  Not - "oh - my toe hurts every day - I have chronic toe pain" - SMOKE MARIJUANA!  IT WILL HELP YOU! - uh - I don't think so. 

What kind of morals are we setting for our future generations?  How do you think things will be if we keep letting things like this be allowed.  Probably not very well for our grandchildren.  But who cares right?  The idiots deciding to legalize this will all be dead anyway!  Especially if they've been smoking pot for 35 years.


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