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Marijuana-Infused Oil Counts Against Possession Limit

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By "Radical" Russ Belville In a state where medical marijuana is legal, this is just old fashioned police harassment.

(Centralia Chronicle) Three weeks ago, a Centralia police officer pulled [Forrest] Amos over during a traffic stop. He wasn’t cited or given a ticket. But his pot was confiscated.

“I had shown where I was in regulation, where they turned and seized about a cup of cooking oil that was infused with THC and infused medical marijuana brownies and about one ounce of dried, cured medical marijuana,” Amos said.

Amos said he was told by Berg and Lewis County Prosecutor Jonathan Meyer that the cup of cooking oil was being tested and weighed to determine if it exceeded his authorized possession of 24 ounces of marijuana.

“I find that pretty absurd that cooking oil, which is basic Walmart vegetable oil where marijuana is soaked into a few hours at a time, nothing close to a pound and a half — maybe a half ounce of marijuana was soaked into that cooking oil,” Amos said. “I’m not just some person running around trying to break the law or anything, I’m minding my own business.”

Patients in all medical states should be aware that this situation.  It is something learned first by LSD dealers back in the 60s.  It takes only the tiniest micrograms of LSD to put one on a trip.  They used to drip it on sugar cubes.  Then cops confiscated the sugar cubes and tried dealers based on the weight of the entire sugar cube.  That’s why acid now comes on lightweight blotter paper.

Likewise, patients and non-patients alike have been busted with platters of brownies with a half-ounce of cannabis in them, but get charged for the 16 ounces of brownie weight.  So beware: infusing cannabis into other products makes them tasty, but also increases the risk you’re going to be over your weight limits.

Unfortunately, the principle doesn’t seen to work in reverse in some jurisdictions.  If you take that half ounce of cannabis and condense it to a few grams of hash oil, the cops want to claim that’s not technically “medical marijuana” and want to charge you with a hashish felony.


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