Media Research Center Slams 'Glee' for 'Large Dose of Gay' (Video)

Andrew Collins, of the conservative Media Research Center, recently criticized the Fox TV show "Glee" for having a “particularly large dose of gay” during a recent episode (videos below).

In his article, Collins said that McKinley High School, where the show is set, is an insult to former U.S. President William McKinley because it is “The World’s Gayest High School.”

Collins writes:

It’s no secret that “Glee” frequently and flamboyantly pushes a gay agenda. So many characters play for the other team it's hard to believe that there’ll be any future generations of McKinley High students to mock the Bible and cheer on transgendered performers.

Collins then posted three clips of the episode, which he says promote homosexuality.

In the first clip, Collins laments that Kurt and Blaine flirt at a coffee shop.

Collins then loaded another scene where "two gay guys [are] intimidating Rachel before her big audition."

Collins then cites a third clip, in which "Blaine asks Kurt’s father for his son’s hand in marriage."

Source: Media Research Center


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