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Media Focusing on Gay Marriage Support Among Republicans

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In the days since former RNC head Ken Mehlman came out last week, the media has taken a good, long look at where the issue of marriage equality stands in the Republican Party now - compared to where it was in 2004, when Mehlman was running George W. Bush’s re-election campaign.

The Washington Post says that Mehlman is just the latest in a long line of prominent conservatives fighting for marriage.

US News and World Report looks at the current state of gay Republicans, and where they’re putting their money.

Baltimore Sun columnist Jean Marbella says Mehlman is “what gay looks like” now.

The New York Times ran a series of five different opinions on whether the LGBT community now has a place within the Republican Party.

In an interview with the Daily Caller, former Ambassador to the UN John Bolton adds his name to the list of Republicans who have “no problem” with marriage equality.

But The Washington Post media critic Howard Kurtz says we may not have come as far as we think.  Mehlman – like so many of the other prominent Republicans who support marriage equality – has the word “former” in front of his title, just like former Vice President Dick Cheney , former First Lady Laura Bush, and former UN Ambassador John Bolton. Kurtz writes “Imagine if Michael Steele announced today that he was gay. Indeed, Mehlman could not have run the RNC or the Bush campaign if he had been openly gay.”

And the Boston Globe’s editorial board notes that while some Republicans are more supportive of marriage equality, they still have a long way to go, but Mehlman can do a lot to advance the cause.


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