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Mechanic Totals Customer's Car, But Law Might Be On His Side

When Chad Henson took his BMW to a small auto repair shop in Melbourne, Florida, he never expected that it would come back in worse shape than it was in when he delivered it.

However, Florida Highway Patrol reports that the car was involved in two separate accidents less than two hours apart in the early morning hours of January 8. Police have confirmed that the driver of the car was an employee of the repair shop, Cypress Automotive and Transmission.

The car was totaled, and Henson has filed a lawsuit, hoping to regain the cost of the car. Henson’s prospects of winning the case, however, aren’t bright; the employee who wrecked the car didn't commit a criminal offense.

Police have said that it is not illegal for a repair shop employee to drive a customer’s car. In fact, the paperwork in most repair shops’ paperwork states that the shop is not responsible for damage to the vehicle, or for theft of items from the car.

“You might be trying to squeeze blood out of a turnip,” attorney Steve Casanova has said of Henson’s chances of winning the lawsuit.

To avoid this kind of catastrophe, experts recommend taking your car to a certified technician, which will cost more, but will also ensure a much higher level of protection.

Sources:, NBC News

Photo Source: NBC News


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