Meat Can Cause Deadly Allergic Reaction, Study Says


By Logan Scherer

As if heart disease, cancer, strokes, and diabetes weren't enough, we've just learned of another shocking health fact that will have you replacing the flesh on your fork. Meat is linked to anaphylactic shock.

Researchers from the University of Virginia, the University of Tennessee, and the John James Medical Centre in Australia recently discovered that meat allergies may be much more common than we once thought. The scientists examined 60 patients who suffered from recurring cases of unexplained anaphylaxis and found that nearly half of those people were actually reacting to a carbohydrate in meat. Symptoms of the meat-induced allergy don't appear until hours after eating, making the dangerous reaction difficult to trace.

A potentially deadly allergic reaction that's almost impossible to trace? Sounds like an easy path to an early grave. But even if you're not allergic to meat, eating animals is like signing your own death certificate anyway. The secret to a longer, healthier life? Give your body a break and start eating a cruelty-free diet.


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