Road Signs Hacked To Display Anti-Police Messages (Photos)


Police in Cobb County, Georgia, are searching for the person responsible for hacking a road sign and displaying anti-police messages.

According to WSB, the sign on Johnson Ferry Road in Cobb County was hacked to display profanity-laden anti-police messages, such as "F**k the police," and "No tears for dead cops."

The hacking comes in the midst of high tensions between law enforcement and civilians, after five officers were shot and killed in Dallas, Texas, and three officers were shot and killed in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, reports Mad World News. 

Locals were outraged by what the sign displayed. 

"People are very pro-police here," Cobb County resident David Conrad said. "My daughter-in-law is an officer and I have nothing but respect for these people."

Cobb County officers are still searching for suspects but say they have received overwhelming support from their community since the sign was hacked. 

Sources: WSBMad World News / Photo credit: Mad World News

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