Meanest Moments From Ted Nugent's 'Black Power 2013' Tour (Video)


NRA board member and rocker Ted Nugent called his recent tour "Black Power 2013," which he claimed would pay "tribute to our black heroes nightly."

If you missed Nugent's tour, has put together a montage of some of the concerts (video below), in which he denigrates black people, President Obama, people who believe in animal rights and low-income Americans on food stamps.

During his August 7 concert in Boston, Nugent pointed to a black man in the audience and said: "And I want to thank this guy right here, because I thought I was going to be the only black guy here tonight. Good to see you brother. Let me see that big ol' smile. It's dark, but I still see it. God bless you. You feel the love don't you?"

At a May 15 show in Evansville, Indiana, Nugent yelled: "Now I'm going to tell you one way or another, I'm going to the White House and I'm going to get those c---------- in a stranglehold."

Nugent took aim at people on food stamps during his August 6 concert in New Haven, Connecticut. "You got to earn it. Unlike these well-fed mother------ food stamp c----------, we got to earn what we get. You won't get no f------ venison with food stamps, you p------. But you can get crack. How f----- up is that?" growled Nugent.

He attacked President Obama during his July 28 show in Nashville, Tennessee: "I'd like to play the song that will be the soundtrack to take back America from that lying racist in the White House, from the Attorney General that runs guns to Mexican drug gangs, to those criminal pieces of s--- in the IRS, to the jack boot Nazi m--------- in the Department of Justice."

During another lovely highlight from his August 7 Boston show, Nugent attacked people who support animal rights: "If I think that you think animals have rights, I'm killing some more s---. But that's the dumbest f------- thing I've ever f------ heard."




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