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Md. Man Arrested For Killing 3-Year-Old Son With Toxic Drug Cocktail

A Maryland man was arrested on counts of first-degree child abuse and manslaughter after toxicology reports revealed that his 3-year-old son had died from ingesting a mixture of cocaine and medication.

The Washington Post reports that 38-year-old Thomas Everett Holland from Prince George’s County was arrested after a medical examiner’s report ruled the death a homicide, according to police.

The police report shows that 3-year-old Jayson had cocaine, acetaminophen, codeine and a drug commonly found in allergy medicine in his body at the time of his death. He didn’t take the drugs by accident, authorities say.

“Those results are showing there was such a concentration of [the] four drugs that our detectives and medical examiners believe there is no chance this child could have accidently ingested them,” said Lt. William Alexander, a spokesman for Prince George’s County Police.

Holland took his son to a Southeast Washington medical center, claiming he had discovered him "unresponsive" in the living room of his home Sunday. The boy was pronounced dead half an hour later. 

The family was shocked that the boy’s father, who is not married to his mother, would perform such a horrific act. Davon Hicks, Jayson’s uncle, described the efforts by Jayson's mother to get Holland to contribute to his child's upbringing in a “long, drawn-out” court battle.

The family describes Jayson as a happy, active child.

"He was 100 percent healthy,” said Davon Hicks, Jayson’s uncle. “Just a regular boy with not a care in the world.

Sources: The Washington Post


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