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McGruff The Crime Dog Actor Jailed For Marijuana, Grenade Launcher

A Texas man who used to play McGruff the Crime Dog was sentenced to 16 years in prison after police found 1,000 marijuana plants, 27 weapons and 9,000 rounds of ammunition in his Galveston home.

John R. Morales, 41, was arrested in 2011 after he was pulled over for speeding. Police discovered multiple pot seeds in the trunk of his Infinity and diagrams for two indoor pot-growing operations on the front seat.

His home was raided and the pot plants and weapons, including a grenade launcher, were confiscated.

He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 16 years in prison on Monday.

Morales told the court he is a nonviolent person.

“Everything I read about you makes you seem like a scary person,” District Judge Vanessa Gilmore said.

Famous for the catch phrase, “Take a bite out of crime,” the cartoon bloodhound has been an educational tool used by the National Crime Preventon Council since the early 1980s. Actors dressed as McGruff would travel to schools and appear in educational videos to keep kids off drugs, stop bullying, and encourage kids to stay in school.

Sources: TIME, CBS Houston


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