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McDonald's Mentality: Treat Burns With Condiments

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What is the best way to treat a burn? According to McDonald’s, condiments should work just fine. 

Over the past two weeks, employees of McDonald’s have filed complaints against the company related to health and safety concerns, according to the Guardian.  Many of the employees believe that their workplace is understaffed which puts added pressure on them. They must work quickly in order to fulfill orders, which increases the risk of injury while on the job. 

Employees feel that management does not respond properly to injuries that occur, such as burns from hot oil.  The first-aid supplies on site are often inadequate. 

“Our first-aid kit is just an empty box,” said Martisse Campbell to the Guardian. Campbell, an employee at a McDonald’s in Philadelphia, was burned after handling hot grease on the job. 

“One of my coworkers and I have to empty the grease trap without protective gear, and since we were never given the proper equipment or training, we just dump the hot grease into a plastic bag in a box of ice,” said Campbell.

“Once, my coworker got badly burned, and our manager told him: ‘Put mayonnaise on it, you’ll be good,’” he continued. 

A survey conducted by Hart Research Associates revealed that 33 percent of fast food workers who had been burned were told to put condiments on their injuries by management, according to the Guardian. 

Campbell believes that McDonald’s employees deserve to be protected by a union, so that they have more options that just putting mayonnaise on serious injuries. 

Campbell is not the only McDonald's employee to experience an injury while on the job.

In November 2013, Angela Buza suffered third-degree burns after falling into a bucket of oil that had been left on the floor, according to ABC.  The victim underwent several skin grafts and suffered lasting emotional trauma due to the incident. 

The owner of that particular McDonald’s franchise was ordered to pay $65,000 for the damage that was done. 

Workers want McDonald’s to take notice of its employees and lessen the potential dangers within their work environment.

Sources: Guardian, ABC / Photo credit: Guardian

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