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Worker Arrested For Putting Mustard In Cop's Drink (Video)

A McDonald's worker was fired and charged with two counts of battery after allegedly pouring mustard into a police officer's drink in Topeka, Kansas (video below).

The incident sparked outrage when a pro-police Facebook page, Kansas GOING BLUE, posted a picture of the drink and this caption on Nov. 27:

A McDonald's here in Kansas just served a Law Enforcement Officer on duty a Dr Pepper with Mustard in a drive thru order. This is extremely unacceptable!!

According to the manager this happened before with a Kansas Highway Patrol trooper. Maybe we should all remind them of the Taco Bell incident that happened in Newton. #McDonalds #KansasGoingBlue

KSNT reported on Nov. 28 that the employee had been fired following a "lengthy investigation" into the mustard incident, which involved a Dr. Pepper drink.

Tom and Marilyn Dobski, who own McDonald’s restaurants in Topeka, said in a statement:

All customers, including local law enforcement officers who protect and serve our communities, are always welcome at our restaurants. Immediately upon learning of this complaint, we began our own internal investigation to gather the facts. We are shocked by the isolated actions of a single employee. This employee no longer works for our organization. We proudly support police officers and all divisions of first responders at our restaurants across northeast Kansas.

On Dec. 2, police arrested Jonathan Gill for allegedly putting the mustard in the drink, and charged him with two counts of battery against a police officer, reported KSNW.

Most of the Facebook commenters on the Kansas GOING BLUE page were outraged by the stunt:

"I have never liked the service at this McDonalds! They always are rude!"

"Make it prison time for felony food tampering and 'hate crime' against the cop."

"If I was that officer, on duty I would go inside and arrest him in front of everyone. With the evidence as proof, we all have the right to have our food not tampered with. Some kids must think it's funny until someone gets suck."

Sources: Kansas GOING BLUE/Facebook, KSNT, KSN-TV / Photo Credit: Kansas GOING BLUE/Facebook / Video Credit: US News 24

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