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McDonald's Sued For Deceptive Pricing


A Chicago man has sued a McDonald's franchise for allegedly advertising that an "Extra Value Meal" would save money, when buying each product separately allegedly would have cost 41 cents less.

James Gertie alleges a Chicago-area McDonald's charged him 41 cents more for the two-cheeseburger Extra Value Meal than it would have cost him to buy the two cheeseburgers, fries, and a drink separately, reported Fox News.

“Defendant, the operator of several McDonald’s restaurants, advertised for sale a food combination designated as an ‘Extra Value Meal’ but the combination actually costs more than if each item were bought separately, thus making it no ‘value’ at all, let alone an ‘extra value,’” the lawsuit said, according to the Cook County Record.

The plaintiff, James Girtie, said he filed the lawsuit because there are numerous families who are getting tricked into paying a higher price.

“It’s not just me, it’s like all these other families that come in there with their kids and they buy this and they’re getting charged more because they’re under the assumption that it’s a value meal,” Girtie said, according to WLS. “By definition, it says right in there. It’s a better price.”

Girtie said he hopes to stop McDonald's allegedly deceptive price advertisements.

“Again, it’s not a 41 cent issue," he said. "It’s the principle of it. And a lot of other places have the exact same price. Not higher, but not lower either. I went to 25 different ones over a two-month span, just checking it.”

Sources: Cook County Record, WLS, Fox News / Photo credit: Pagelmp/Wikimedia Commons

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