McDonald's Santa Claus Is Convicted Sex Offender (Video)


Norman Burbank, a convicted sex offender, played the role of Santa Claus at a McDonald's restaurant in Baytown, Texas, last Saturday.

"We received an anonymous call that morning that this person was a registered sex offender, and that he was playing the role of Santa and had children in his lap for photographs," Baytown Police Department spokesman Eric Freed told Click 2 Houston (video below).

Burbank, 54, was convicted in Ohio of sexual assault of an 11-year-old boy in 1998. Burbank served 12 years in prison and moved to Texas in 2013.

Baytown Police officers handcuffed and questioned Burbank, but had to release him because he was not violating any laws, noted the Daily Mail.

"Him putting on a Santa Claus costume and having children in his lap, however unsettling that is for parents to hear that, is not a violation of Texas law," Freed said.

Click 2 Houston tried to talk to Burbank at his home, but he refused to comment.

McDonald's released this statement: "We take this matter very seriously as the safety of our guests are our top priority. We are looking into the situation and gathering all the evidence."

Sources: Daily Mail, Click 2 Houston / Image Credit: Screenshot Click 2 Houston Video Report


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