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McDonald's: America's Least Favorite Fast Food Restaurant, New Survey Says

When you think of American fast food, there’s a good chance a big, bright set of golden arches pops into your mind. McDonald’s is the quintessential American fast food restaurant, and you’d be hard pressed to drive more than 10 miles in many areas of the country without passing one.

As this new American Customer Service Index (ACSI) survey discovered, just because there are a lot of McDonald’s everywhere does not necessarily mean they are America’s favorite fast food stop. In their latest research, ACSI found that McDonald’s is one of the least enjoyed fast food places in America. 

On the survey, the average fast food chain received an 80 out of 100 satisfactory rating. McDonald’s, meanwhile, earned just a 72 out of 100 mark -- the lowest in their category.

Burger King, Taco Bell, and Wendy’s were all rated higher by consumers than McDonald’s. As the Huffington Post notes, McDonald’s has struggled lately – relatively speaking, of course – and experienced a slight dip in sales in recent quarters.

Curious to see how the rest of the fast food restaurants in McDonald’s category faired? Here’s the list:

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Sources: ACSI, Huffington Post


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