McDonald's Pulls Ad; Said Eating There Safer than Petting Pit Bull

McDonald's has a pulled a radio ad and apologized for saying that eating at its restaurants is safer than petting a pit bull.

The Washington Post reports the ad ran for just a few days in Kansas City before it was pulled amid outrage from pit bull owners.

The ad was for the chain's new snack size McBites. In an effort to get people to try something new, the ad said it is not a risky proposition. It went on to list other risky things, which included "petting a stray pit bull."

Social media got a hold of it and as angry word spread, McDonald's realized it was a mistake.

“The ad was insensitive in its mention of pit bulls. We apologize. As soon as we learned of it, we tracked the source and had the local markets pull the ad immediately. We’ll do a better job next time. It’s never our intent to offend anyone with how we communicate news about McDonald’s,” McDonald's spokesperson Ashlee Yingling said, reading from an apology available on a toll-free number.

“I am pleased that they pulled the ad after their customers spoke out about it. Not all companies listen so closely to their customers so I appreciate that they did — and so quickly,” said Stephanie Filer, communications manager for the Animal Rescue League of Iowa and a member of ARL Pit Crew Club.

Here is the offending ad:


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