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McDonald's 'McResources' Site Criticized By Worker Advocacy Groups

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A McDonald’s corporate website, accessible only to employees of the company, has come under fire from critics claiming that it offers unnecessary advice for struggling employees rather than doing anything about their low wages.

The specific site, referred to as McResources, offers life tips and advice for its employees that may be going through economic struggles. Although the site requires a username and password and is otherwise blocked by outsiders, GrubStreet describes the page as giving advice such as “cutting regular-size meals into many tiny bites, singing happy songs during trying times, and selling all your extra stuff on eBay and Craigslist.”

While accusations of unnecessarily low wages for employees may be accurate, it seems as if company is being criticized for attempting to help its employees simply because it’s McDonald’s. It’s a huge corporation with stores and lots of low-wage workers around the world. It’s an easy target. 

Just yesterday, a Walmart in Ohio was criticized for holding a food drive for its own employees. These criticisms make sense. Large corporations should be helping their less-fortunate employees by paying them more, rather than by giving them advice or forcing their fellow employees to give them charitable donations. 

At least that’s the goal advocacy group Low Pay Is Not Ok has in mind. The group has organized the “Fight For 15” protests and strikes that have occurred at McDonald’s and other fast food restaurants throughout the country this year, demanding higher wages. Low Pay Is Not Ok refers to the advice offered on the McResources site as “offensive,” and they made their own video further criticizing the company.

According to the LA Times, at least one employee was told by the McResources hotline to “try food pantries, federal food stamps and Medicaid” for help with her financial problems, rather than using company resources. That same woman, Nancy Salgado, was arrested for protesting a speech given by McDonald’s president of U.S. operations Jeff Stratton earlier this year. 

Whether or not McDonald’s is willing to make a change in its pay structure remains to be seen, but it’s apparent that the company’s employees and their supporters are demanding some something to happen in their favor.


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