McDonald's Manager Chants 'Trump' At Hispanic Woman (Video)

McDonald's Manager Chants 'Trump' At Hispanic Woman (Video) Promo Image

A North Carolina woman said she was hurt by the way she was treated at a McDonald's drive-thru (video below).

Wendy Rios shared a video of her tense interaction with the manager of a Charlotte, North Carolina, McDonald's on Facebook. The manager chanted President Donald Trump's name at Rios and asked her if she knew how to spell "deportation."

Rios said she felt "assaulted" following her trip to her local McDonald's, KMOV reports. She said when she pulled up to the drive-thru window to pay, the manager seemed angry and was yelling at employees. Then, when Rios pulled to the next window and asked about her food, the manager's anger was turned onto her.

"I asked the employee if my order was ready and the manager asked him what I asked," Rios told KMOV. "He told her and she said, 'Of course her [expletive] order is ready.' Then I asked for ketchup and he handed me two packets of ketchup. I asked for more ketchup and the manager yelled at the employee, 'What is she still doing here?' He told her I was asking for more ketchup and she started yelling at me and saying bad words."

Rios said she typically tries to ignore people who are rude to her, but this time she couldn't. She asked the employee for the manager's name, so he wrote it down, but she couldn't read his handwriting so she asked again. Then, the manger came over and wrote her first name only in large writing on the receipt, refusing to write down her last name.

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Rios then pulled out her phone and began filming. In the video, the woman can be seen giving Rios the middle finger, before chanting "Donald Trump."

"You can stay there all you want," the manager told Rios. "Can you say deportation? Can you say that? Can you spell deportation?"

Another manager then came to the window and spoke to Rios before the customer left, worried about angering the other customers waiting in line behind her.

Rios said she wanted to share the video so others could see how she was treated.

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"I knew I had to post it -- it's not okay," she said. "I always tell my children to treat people the way you want to be treated. This was not how I wanted to be treated."

McDonald's responded to WBTV's request for a statement on the issue, according to KMOV.

"The actions of this employee are inexcusable and in no way reflect the strong values McDonald’s and my organization place on diversity, inclusion and providing a welcoming experience for our customers," said McDonald's owner and operator, George Forrest. "This individual is no longer employed at my restaurant and we have expressed our sincerest apologies to the customer for this situation."

Readers shared their thoughts on the story on the Mad World News Facebook page.

"I don't think she should have been fired under these circumstances," one reader commented. "If I were one of the people in line behind this person I would have been quite angry at the hold up and all she was trying to do was get the line moving which is her job. Right!!!!"

"Inexcusable behavior on any level for management to treat patrons and staff in such belittling hostile manner," another user wrote. "Defuse, resolve and move on. To lose your job for several packets of ketchup you didn't pay for anyway?"

Sources: KMOVMad World News/Facebook / Featured Image: Michael Rivera/Wikimedia Commons / Embedded Images: Wendy Rios via KMOV

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