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Couple: McDonald's Gave Us Dirty Rag Instead Of Burger

It isn’t that uncommon for fast food chains to give out an incorrect order, but this one is so bizarre that it left an Illinois couple disgusted and demanding an apology.

Debbie Wirth and her husband, Hans Wirth, ordered a couple of double cheeseburgers in the McDonald's drive-thru on July 22 in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. When they got home and unwrapped their orders, like they do almost every night, Debbie was floored to see a dirty rag instead of her burger, reports ABC 7.

"This is what I found when I opened my hamburger: a rag," said Debbie, showing reporters the surprising find.

They called the restaurant to tell the manager what had happened, and his response did not make the couple feel any better.

"He just says, 'Come in, I'll give you another McDouble,'” Debbie explained. “Well, you know, that's not the point.”

Hans agreed: "I want more than that, I want an apology."

"I got a rag, no apology, no nothing," Debbie added.

Rich O’Keefe, the store’s owner, called the couple later to apologize, although TheBlaze reports that he did not do so until after news sources publicized the incident.

"I took this matter seriously and we are currently looking into this claim,” O’Keefe told ABC 7.

That was enough for Hans: "They apologized numerous times, which, I was happy with that, that was nice." 

The couple eat at McDonald's almost every day and have no plans to stop, reports CBS Chicago. Hans is a currently going through chemotherapy for lung cancer, and he says the McDouble is one of the only things he can stomach.

It appears that the strange mix-up was not enough to put him off of his McDouble cravings. Hans told ABC 7 that he ate another McDouble the next day, although he did go to a different McDonald's restaurant to order it.

Sources: ABC 7, TheBlaze, CBS Chicago / Photo credit: Screenshot via ABC 7


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