Woman Tries To Flush Baby Down Toilet (Photo)

Woman Tries To Flush Baby Down Toilet (Photo) Promo Image

Police arrested a McDonald's employee in California after she gave birth and tried to flush her baby down the toilet.

Sarah Lockner, 25, complained of stomach pains while working at a Redwood City McDonald's restaurant during the evening, reports the Daily Journal.

Although she was allowed to leave work early, Lockner instead went to the bathroom and was later followed by two concerned staff members.

When they arrived inside, they witnessed Lockner give birth before attempting to flush the baby boy headfirst down the toilet.

The employee immediately called 911.

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Paramedics were quickly able to resuscitate the baby and put him in a coma.

While he is now in recovery, it is uncertain if he will suffer brain damage. Authorities are now trying to find a family member to take care of the baby once he is healthy.

Meanwhile, his mother Lockner faces charges of child abuse and attempted murder. She is being held on a $11 million bail and, if convicted, could face a life sentence.

Lockner told police she and her boyfriend did not know she was even pregnant.

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News of the mother's crime provoked mixed responses on social media.

Some were appalled by Lockner's actions and strongly condemned the woman.

"This deserves a prison sentence, to deter anyone else in the future for doing it," wrote one person on the Daily Mail's Facebook post about the incident.

"Heartless witch," added another. "There are beautiful people in this world that can't have children. Imagine the effect this will have when the baby becomes an adult and finds out what its Mum did. This world is diseased!"

Some went so far as to demand Lockner receive the death penalty.

"They should introduce the death penalty for these disgusting humans," opined one person."Why try to kill your child like as if it was responsible for making you open your legs to someone without protection? If you don't want a child, then use protection. Don't carry a child for 9 months, give birth to it and then decide to end it!!!"

However, some showed more empathy towards the mother and thought the punishment was too harsh.

"$11 million bail," said one. " Life in prison. Wtf clearly this girl needs help. Ppl out there murder and abuse all the time and get away with it. This girl can surely be helped."

"Poor woman, I can understand why she would do such a thing making minimum wage," chimed in another on the Daily Mail's website itself. "Corporate America has a lot to answer for."

"This is exactly why America need a better health care system improved for every American Citizens and more improvement with mental Health in America need to be address because it like America health care is going backwards another 40 years instead of going forward," argued another.

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