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McDonald's Employee Outraged After Discovering Why She Can't Have More Shifts

A McDonald’s employee is up in arms after an assistant manager at the fast food restaurant allegedly told her that she could not get extra shifts because she is black.

Divine Tenn, 18, worked at a McDonald’s. According to her, she was told by her boss, Jaskaran Singh Khela, 26, that no extra shifts were to be given to the restaurant's black workers.

“I am absolutely disgusted that a company so big and who I have worked for for over a year could treat me like this,” said Tenn to reporters at the Daily Mail. “I can’t believe that racism still exists in this day and age.”

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According to Khela, the restaurant enacted the new policy because two black workers were “underperforming.”

“It’s been really upsetting for me and the other black members of staff,” Tenn said, “who now feel too uncomfortable to work there.”

Tenn added that she started working at the McDonald’s so she could save up money to go to college.

The teenager reportedly first noticed something was amiss when her assistant manager denied her two shifts.

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“I spoke to some of the other employees, who happened to be black, and they said they hadn’t been allowed to pick up any shifts either,” she said. “I decided to call my assistant manager to find out what was going on.”

In a phone call recording with the worker, Khela can be heard telling Tenn that “the black people can’t take no shifts because they’re not performing.”

“My assistant manager said a couple of the other black members of the staff had not been doing very well at work, so all of the black staff were being banned from taking on shifts," Tenn said. "I was horrified … and because I wasn’t on proper contract I had no rights and there wasn’t anything I could do.”

A spokesman from McDonald’s recently released a statement to The Independent:

“We took this incident extremely seriously and launched a full investigation. The employee concerned no longer works for the company and support is in place for the members of the staff affected by the incident.

“McDonald’s is an inclusive employer and any incidences of discrimination against our employees will not be tolerated.”

Source: The Daily MailThe Independent

Photo Credit: The Daily Mail, WikiCommons, Mike Mozart/Flickr


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