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McDonald's Employee Fired For Refusing Service To Cops

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Once again, a restaurant employee has been terminated for refusing to serve law enforcement officers.

According to a Facebook comment, a former employee at a McDonald’s restaurant in Gainesville, Georgia, refused to serve deputies while they were in uniform on Aug. 1.

"Because of this, the McDonald’s restaurant in question learned of an internal employee issue and dealt with it expeditiously by terminating the employee," a statement read, reported WAGA.

Some local residents were troubled by the situation, saying they would have also fired the employee in a similar situation.

"I really appreciate their service to the country," said customer James Drennon. "I say not serving them food, that's wrong."

"It really upsets me," said Tiffani Sheldon. "I have been in management positions before and I would have done the same thing, I would have fired the employee."

Due to events that have driven a wedge between the public and law enforcement, some people were not surprised that an employee treated police officers this way.

"There’s a lot of tension,” Drennon continued. "I mean, I can see it’s both sides, it’s not just one."

"If one of my employees at my job were to do something, it wouldn’t speak for everyone in my company," said customer Crystal Elrod. "I wouldn’t place blame on the whole entire place, it would be the one individual. That’s what people don’t understand."

Robert Swoszowski, owner of the McDonald’s franchise, "has always been a friend" to local law enforcement offices, Hall County Sheriff’s Lt. Chris Dale told WDUN.

"We strive to provide every customer with the best service during every visit," Swoszowski stated. "When that does not happen, we address it quickly and provide the necessary tools and training to ensure our high standards of customer service are being met. Hall County has been home to McDonald’s for more than 45 years, and throughout this time, we have been ardent supporters of the Hall County Sheriff’s Office and the men and women in our law enforcement community."

"We look forward to enjoying a positive relationship with the company for years to come," said Dale.

Sources: WAGA, WDUN / Photo credit: WDUN

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