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McDonald's Drive-Thru Proves No Safe Haven During L.A. Car Chase

McDonald’s was his kind of place, but a suspected car thief ended up not lovin’ it at all when Los Angeles cops finally stopped and busted him after he led them on a chase through the drive-thru lane at the fast food chain’s Panorama City, Calif., franchise.

The name of the alleged auto thief has not been made public.

Police spotted the silver minivan driven by the suspect, which they believed to be a stolen vehicle at about 8:50 Wednesday morning at Woodman Avenue and Roscoe Boulevard in the heart of L.A.’s San Fernando Valley.

Panorama City is the name of one of the more densely populated districts in the Valley.

With a passenger riding shotgun, the driver, apparently a white male, appeared calm and unworried as he pulled off several dangerous maneuvers during the 11-minute chase, including turning sharply left into oncoming traffic, driving in the wrong lane.

But whether he was gripped by the urge for an Egg McMuffin, or if he seriously thought the the pursuing police vehicle wouldn’t be able to make it through the narrow lane, the most brazen move executed by the driver came when he made a sharp turn into a McDonald’s parking lot.

The minivan then entered the restaurant’s drive-thru lane — with police right on its tail.

But the driver didn’t stop to order. Instead, he swung to the right and barely around a couple of cars waiting for their turn at the drive-thru window.

But police didn’t quit. They followed right behind him.

When the car got back on to the street, one if the LAPD officers executed what cops call a “pit maneuver,” which basically means bumping the other car until it crashes. Which is exactly what happened.

The feeling vehicle came to a violent stop on a curb at Van Nuys Boulevard, near Parthenia and Nordhoff streets.

No one was hurt and in fact, the driver and his passenger attempted to flee on foot. But that didn’t work either, as police caught and arrested them both.

View local news footage of the chase, including the daring McDonald’s move, below.

SOURCES: CBS Los Angeles, NBC Los Angeles, Los Angeles Times


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