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McDonald's Customer In Japan Finds A Tooth In His French Fries

A McDonald’s customer found a human tooth in their french fries in August 2014. That incident was in a series of mishaps at the fast food chain that had a serious impact on sales. 

Though officials have apologized for the McMolar, it’s a mystery how the tooth wound up in the french fries. According to the Daily Mail, there were no signs that the tooth had been fried.

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In December 2014, a child was injured by a piece of plastic in an ice cream sundae. In another case, pieces of plastic were found in Chicken McNuggets.

“To make such cases zero is our goal,” senior executive Takehiko Aoki said. "We are doing our utmost to tackle them, one by one." 

“I will eat McNuggets," Aoki added. "I will feed McNuggets to my children. I have no doubts.”

Aoki said there wasn’t a quality control problem and that the incidents were isolated.

McDonald's Japan chief executive Sarah Casanova said: “We serve billions of menu items every year, and in the food industry we understand these kind of issues should never happen. It's our responsibility to do everything we can to obtain as close to zero as possible.”

In January, McDonald’s sales fell by a record 39 percent. In 2014, the chain lost ¥ 6.7 billion (yen), or about $57 million. 

Source: Daily Mail / Image via MASA/Wikimedia Commons


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