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Man Faces Felony Charge For Pouring Soda Into Water Cup

Police arrested and charged an Arkansas teenager with felony robbery for pouring soda into a McDonald's water cup on April 19.

The manager of the McDonald's restaurant in Springdale told police three people ordered food from the drive-thru window before parking their car and walking in to the restaurant, WLWT reports.

Inside the restaurant, the three allegedly dumped their free cups of water and filled the cups with soda from the drinks machine.

While two of the people returned the soda after the manager asked them to, police say 18-year-old Cody Morris did not.

Instead, Morris allegedly went back into his car and ended up reversing into the manager, who was standing behind the vehicle trying to make Morris hand back the drink.

It is unclear what condition the manager is in, but police say they later found the car near a bowling alley and arrested Morris.

The police report only reveals one charge of felony robbery made against Morris. There was no mention made of the incident with the manager.

It’s not the first unusual crime to occur at a fast food restaurant that has captured international attention.

One man robbed a Washington, D.C., Five Guys restaurant in March, but not for money.

"A suspect followed a delivery man into the restaurant and waited until the delivery man left," the DC Metropolitan Police Department said, reports "He then rummaged through the establishment, cooked food and stole bottled water before leaving the restaurant."

Police later released a recording of the man wearing a fedora while talking on a cellphone and cooking a burger.

As a result of the crime and the man’s wardrobe, some have now coined the man -- who remains at large -- the Hamburglar, after a McDonald's marketing character.

At a McDonald's restaurant in Guangzhou, China, three police officers arrested a Ronald McDonald statue in April, WeirdAsianNews reports.

The situation escalated further, with witnesses watching police attack the inanimate object.

Officers later explained the restaurant was not allowed to place the statue where it had, given its appearance and the fact many pedestrians have tripped over it. They say they will only give the restaurant back its clown if it pays a fine and admits it violated the law.

Sources: WLWT,,WeirdAsianNews / Photo credit: WLWT

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