McDonald's Creates 'The Ramsey Burger' to Honor Charles Ramsey

McDonald's is showing their love for Charles Ramsey by offering a special "Ramsey Burger" at a Cleveland location.

Ramsey helped save the three women who were kidnapped and locked in a house for years. He was eating a Big Mac when he heard Amanda Berry's cries for help.

He worked as a dishwasher at McDonald's, and is a fan of their burgers.

This new Ramsey Burger is similar to the Big Mac, but costs $12. It consists of eight ounces of Certified Angus Beef with lettuce, cheddar cheese, bread and butter pickles, a secret sauce and a toasted sesame seed bun.

Chris Hodgson, the owner of the restaurant, said he has also been selling T-shirts honoring Ramsey. Those shirts have raised more than $17,000 so far, and all proceeds are going to the kidnapping victims.

Ramsey has been seen as a hero after he helped the women escape and did a series of television interviews describing the incident. 

The Ramsey Burger has received much praise for its tastiness. Melissa Rush tried to burger on Monday and said it was "delicious."

Asked what she thought about Ramsey, she said, "Oh, I'm obsessed. I've been following it. I think the guy is great. I'm really proud to know that he's from Cleveland."

Sources: The Daily Mail, Fox 6 Now


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