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McDonald's Brings Back 'Customer Favorite' Two Years After Getting Rid Of It

It’s time to loosen up those belts, because McDonald’s has announced it will be bringing back its chicken tenders, called Chicken Selects.

The world’s largest chain of fast food restaurants said it was bringing back the chicken tenderloin strips — which it got rid of in 2013 after 10 years on the menu — because they were a "customer favorite."

“Chicken Selects will make a national return in early March and [will] be sold as an order with three pieces,” McDonald’s spokeswoman Terri Hickey wrote in an email to CNNMoney. “We look forward to bringing back this customer favorite made with chicken tenderloin.”

They’re bringing them back at a time when there is a surplus in poultry production, the U.S. Department of Agriculture reported.

Northern Nevada branches have began testing seasoning flavors that customers can shake on nuggets and fries this week, CNBC reports. Flavors include zesty ranch, chipotle BBQ and garlic Parmesan.

"The new Shakin' Flavor offering will also be available in the San Francisco, Sacramento, Chico, and Fresno markets," Hickey wrote in an email to CNBC.

Chicken Selects will only be sold in three-piece orders at a recommended price of $2.99, but will vary across the country.

McDonald’s continues to sell other chicken menu items, like chicken nuggets, which it has defended against rumors that they contain harmful ingredients.

Beef and pork prices are up, which means the company faces sharper competition in the chicken category.

According to Consumerist, McDonald’s is offering a box of 50 nuggets for $9.99, while Burger King brought back its 15-cent chicken nuggets deal (10 nuggets for $1.49).

Sources: CNNMoneyCNBCConsumerist / Photo Credit: theimpulsivebuy, kristofarndt/Flickr Creative Commons


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