McDonald's Apologizes After Employee Yells 'F--- The Police' At Sergeant


A Texas deputy was shocked when a McDonald’s employee reportedly insulted him as he dined at the restaurant.

Sgt. Michael Ross visited the McDonald’s in Katy, Texas, on Nov. 1, Fox 26 reported. When he made his way towards the exit, an employee reportedly yelled, “F*** the police.”

Ross said he immediately spoke with the manager, who he claims didn’t seem too concerned with the employee’s behavior. He then took to Facebook to share his account of the story.

Ross wrote:

“I was on my way to an extra job and stopped in at McDonalds located at 22148 Westhimer Parkway in Katy, Tx. I ordered my meal, sat down ate. After finishing my meal I decided to top off my drink before heading off. As I walked infront of the front cashier area a male employee yelled at me stating, 'F*** the Police.'

"I was completly shocked that an employee would even yell at a customer, but yell what he said to me infront of other customers as well as the entire staff. I asked to speak to the manager and told her what he did was disrespectful and unprofessional as an employee. She didn't seem too concerned or uapled at the behavior. I hope everyone shares this, so McDonalds sees how the Employees at this location not only treat Customers, but also the local Law Enforcement!!!”

The post was shared across the country, with dozens of social media users showing their support for the deputy.

“I basically just put it out there for fellow officers in the area to be aware going to a particular location that derogatory marks might be made to you," Ross told Fox 26. “You want to sit and eat in peace you might want to avoid that area.”

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Ross wrote a Facebook update on Nov. 3, explaining that he spoke with the owner of the restaurant, as well as the corporate office.

“They aplogized and informed me the isolated incident is being addressed,” Ross wrote. “I am comfortable with the assurance from the owner as well as corporate that this issue is resolved.

“Thanks to everyone for the huge amount of support.”

Franchise owner David Glaser told the news station he was also shocked when he learned of the incident. He said he was taking action, but the current status of the employee in question is unknown at this time.

Glaser added that his franchises are always supportive of law enforcement. He said Ross’s meal was compensated 100 percent before the incident took place.

Sources: Fox 26, Facebook / Photo Credit: Fox 26


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