McDonald’s Restaurant In Houston Doesn’t Want Customers With Saggy Pants

A sign is now posted at a McDonald’s in Houston asking potential customers to “pull your pants up.”

"Pull your pants up or don't come in. Try to have some decency and respect for others.  No one wants to see your underwear."

That's what the sign says on the front door of a McDonald's in downtown Houston, according to KPRC, which was told that the restaurant received permission from McDonald's before putting up the sign.

"I think it's necessary, honestly. I think it's indecent exposure,” said an unnamed man. “They have the right to serve any customer they want there. Just their business on their own. They have the right to serve any customer they choose."

Another unnamed woman reportedly said, "Nobody wants to see your undergarment. That's what I think. Honestly, my thing is, they're not wrong."

 However, during KPRC’s story about the sign, their camera crew spotted at least one customer wearing saggy pants inside the McDonald’s restaurant.

The sign also states that the policy does not apply to kids under the age of three.

The Blaze notes that this might be an emerging trend. Less than a month back, a Dallas-area McDonald’s reportedly posted a sign with similar sentiment.

Sources: The Blaze, KPRC


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