McDonald’s Employee Says Manager Threatened to Shoot Her


A Chicago-area McDonald’s manager allegedly told an employee, Carmen Navarrette, that he would shoot her in the head after she suffered a diabetic attack.

The allegations were made by the Workers Organizing Committee of Chicago during a protest on Saturday at a local McDonald's (pictured), noted NBC Chicago.

The Workers Organizing Committee of Chicago is a union that is fighting for a $15-an-hour wage for fast food workers.

After Navarrette reportedly asked if she could leave the restaurant following a “diabetic episode," her manager told her that he would “put a bullet” in her head if she asked again, reports Navarrette has been a McDonald's employee for more than nine years.

During the protest, several Chicago politicians wore stickers that stated, “respect” and “no more verbal abuse,” while the Workers Organizing Committee of Chicago protesters held a sign that said: “You should just put a bullet in your head.”

Sources: and NBC Chicago


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